MARILN, a Constituent League of the National League for Nursing, provides leadership, education and networking opportunities for nursing educators and others interested in nursing education in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Activites focus on providing educational programs, scholarships for nursing students and networking opportunities for those interested in nursing education at all levels.

President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

As president of the Massachusetts Rhode Island League for Nursing I am looking forward to continuing the dedicated work my predecessors have begun. Peggy O’Conner and Nancy Bittner have laid a solid foundation for this organization with a strong strategic plan reflecting the National League for Nursing’s plan and continuing the quality of educational programs offered to nurses in New England. Under their leadership our membership has also increased.

We are fully approved as a constituent league representing the National League for Nursing in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our mission is “to promote and implement the mission of the National league for Nursing, Inc., which is to promote excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the nation’s health at the constituent level” ( 2010 Mission Statement ).

The National League for Nursing implements its mission guided by four dynamic and integrated core values that permeate the organization and are reflected in its work: Caring, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. We have incorporated these core values into our strategic plan and goals.

Within the strategic plan for our organization, there are seven goals which we strive to achieve:
Goal 1: To disseminate standards for all types of academic and continuing education programs in nursing in Massachusetts and Rhode Island; Goal 2: Involve nurse educators, practitioners, paraprofessionals and consumers regarding current issues in health care and nursing education to promote professional growth and development ; Goal 3: To promote the use of evidence-based nursing education and practice; Goal 4: To assist in determining contributing factors relevant to nursing, nursing education and nurse educator workforce supply; Goal 5: To make members aware of NLN products and testing services; Goal 6: To advocate for all types of academic and lifelong learning programs in nursing; Goal 7: To strengthen the MARILN organization’s ability to support NLN through increased membership and financial stability directly propositional to the financial budget

Some examples of how we meet these goals include 1) Disseminating national standards by assisting programs with information regarding the current NLNAC accreditation standards. 2) Promoting evidence based practice by ongoing support of graduate student research through our scholarship program and the submission for publication of our nursing faculty satisfaction study. 3) Advocating for lifelong learning through our two education programs offered in the Fall and Spring each year. 4) The publication of a newsletter to better inform our members of current issues.

We continue to work on issues related to nursing education at all levels in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I welcome you to bring forward any issues to myself or a member of the Board of Directors that you feel is important for us to address. I look forward to working with the members of this outstanding organization for the next two years. Please view the website frequently for the most current news about MARILN and information regarding our upcoming programs.


Carol A. Bosworth, MS, RN
Professor of Nursing
Quinsigamond Community College
Worcester, MA. 01606

Strategic Plan
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