Standing Committees:
Executive Chair: Carol Bosworth, RN, MS, MBA, President
Finance Chair: Margaret O’Connor, MS, RN, Treasurer
Nominating Chair: Janet Lusk, PhDc, RN, CNE, Board Member
Strategic Planning Chair: Cynthia Bechtel, PhD, RN, CNE, President-Elect

Ad-Hoc Committees:
AD/Diploma Committee Chair: Susan Maciewicz, MSN, RN, CNE
PN Committee Chair: Meg Yoder, MS, RN, CNE
Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Planansky and Elizabeth Walendziewicz
Continuing Education Chair: Jinx Tull, MSN, RNCS
Program Committee Co-Chairs: Margaret O'Connor, MS, RN and Cynthia Bechtel, PhD, RN, CNE

Board of Directors List
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Committee List
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Slideshow of MARILN Committees from NLN Summit
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