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Learning to Use Debriefing for Meaningful Learning

Oct 28, 2016 08:00 AM - Oct 29, 2016 03:00 PM
  • Location: Washington, District of Columbia, United States
  • Address: 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW
Debriefing has been identified as an essential component of practice teaching for the development of clinical reasoning skills and to augment meaningful learning in students. The evidence supporting it as a powerful method for teaching and learning continues to grow. However, good debriefing doesn’t just happen. We need nurse faculty who are prepared to apply evidence-based debriefing methods that use Socratic reasoning and critical conversations to guide students to reflect in, on, and beyond the clinical experience. By transcending the traditional learning environments of today, students will be thoughtful clinicians tomorrow. During this one-and-a-half-day workshop, we will learn how to engage students in critical conversations during debriefing and how to use the Debriefing for Meaningful Learning method.

Speaker: Kris Dreifuerst

Friday and Saturday, October 28-29, 2016

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