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NLN | Chamberlain University College of Nursing Center for the Advancement of the Science of Nursing Education

​Distinguished Scholar: Barbara Patterson, PhD, RN, ANEF

As the only national nursing organization funding nurse eduation research, the NLN recognizes that research in nursing education is fundamental to quality nursing education based on scientific inquiry. The center promotes the science of nursing education through research grants and dissertation awards, the NLN research journal Nursing Education Perspectives and other publications; Scholarly Writing Retreats; and faculty development in evidence-based pedagogy that aligns education with national health care initiatives. The center’s establishment in 2012 began an innovative partnership to bring positive change to nursing education research for all sectors of the profession by conducting innovative research that recognizes that nurse educators committed to discipline-specific pedagogy is the vital link to a future workforce that will lead change in health care reform to change the way nursing education delivers programming to quality, develops scholarship, and produces publications that build the science of nursing education.

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