Program Information

Demystifying the Curriculum Map

Description: Designed as a foundational course, this hands-on immersive workshop enhances knowledge about the importance of curriculum design. Participants investigate best practices for designing and delivering curriculum at class session, course, and program levels. You are encouraged to come with a small team of colleagues so that together you can analyze your institution's program of study and/or course curriculum map. Experts will guide you to systematically integrate teaching activities (e.g., active learning strategies, simulation, etc.) to align with program and course learning outcomes for teaching knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Leave the workshop with a renewed understanding and enhancements to your target program curriculum map and an understanding of how to integrate learning activities into your program.

Faculty: Sue Forneris, Molly Kellgren

Attendees will:

  1. Identify the target program and course learning outcomes of a nursing curriculum map.
  2. Discuss strengths and weaknesses of a program's curriculum map.
  3. Use a systematic, analytical, ethical, creative, and mindful approach to curriculum design and development.

AM: Curriculum Foundations

  • Discuss the complexities and necessary considerations needed in today's contemporary nursing curricula
    • Next generation NCLEX – what's it all about – how will it shape curricula and teaching and learning
  • Outcomes, Outcomes, Outcomes: Program, Level/ Student Learning, Course, Class

PM: Understanding and Building the Curriculum Map

  • Small Group Work: Establish learning objectives across the curriculum that align with program outcomes

For additional information, contact Debra Mayberry.