Make the Case:
Talking to Your Employer About Attending the NLN Education Summit

Getting approval to attend professional development events can be a challenge, especially in times where budgets are slim. But you can take the initiative and show why and how your attendance at the NLN Education Summit will strengthen your performance and ensure your school or organization stays at the forefront of the nursing education industry.

Below, you’ll find talking points and a justification letter you can adapt – for getting your employer to support your attendance at the NLN Summit.

Talking Points

  • The NLN Education Summit is the annual meeting of the National League for Nursing. It provides educational and networking opportunities for professionals in nursing education.
  • The NLN Education Summit is where nursing educators gather to learn, network and think through current trends and challenges. No other event or resource provides the value of face-to-face contact with hundreds of peers and access to emerging technologies and advances to better prepare nursing students.
  • Leading vendors of products and services will be present. This is our chance to collect information and evaluate multiple vendors all at once, helping us to make more informed decisions.
  • This conference will help our team by providing a forum to learn directly from experts and discuss best practices and emerging trends; and learn practical ways we can implement new strategies.
  • The field is rapidly changing. Our organization/program needs to anticipate, understand, and adapt to changes both in policy and in practice. The NLN Summit is an opportunity to learn, grow and implement strategies that can benefit those we serve.


  • Commit to preparing and sharing a post-conference report covering key information learned during the Summit.
  • Align sessions or learning opportunities offered at the Summit with an objection of your program or organization. Explain how the offerings will help advance your institution's goals and find solutions to the challenges it faces; or how the information can be implemented in your program or organization.

Justification letter

This letter is designed to help explain the benefits of your attendance at the NLN Education Summit to your employer as you seek funding. Please customize the template as appropriate.

Download the NLN Summit Justification Letter