NLN Testing User Role Types

The NLN Testing Services Examination Portal has retooled to improve security, scheduling, analytics, accounting, registration, test administration, and more. All customers will be transitioned to the new NLN Testing Services Examination Portal by August 2020.

The Partner Role (Institution/Organization Administrator)

The Institution Administrator role is typically responsible for:

  • New Scheduling Features – Testing events can be created for an entire day rather than a single session
  • New Inventory System – New accounting system will accurately reflect how many exam credits are available
  • New Score Reports – Administrators will have access to new report layout and analytics
  • Assigning Proctors to Exam Sites – Accounts can be created by the school admin to allow access for faculty and proctors

Partner Proctor (New Role)

The proctor:
  • Checking-in and Authenticating Candidates on Day of Exam – There is a new two-step security verification feature
  • Administering and Proctoring Exams – Proctors are now able to start, pause, and end exams; they also will see a student’s live progress

Candidate (New Role)

The candidate is the test-taker:
  • New Self-registration – Friendlier user-interface
  • New Store to Purchase – New shopping cart features similar to onsite stores; includes an exam event offered by a school and an exam (or practice test) directly from the NLN
  • View a transcript of exam results
Other benefits include:

Security Features

  • Lock Down Browser – Students are not allowed to click outside the testing window
  • Two-factor Exam Launch Authentication – Students are not able to launch an exam from an unsecured location

Remote Proctoring

  • Remote Live Proctoring – PAX and NACE exams may be taken from any remote location
  • Automated Remote Proctoring – Other NLN exams are offered to free up class time and allow students to test at their convenience