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Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education National League for Nursing - Excellence Initiatives


A printer friendly-version of this information can be found on page 7 of the handbook.

  • Schools seeking designation as NLN Centers of
    Excellence must submit an Application of Intent to
    Pursue Designation
    , accompanied by the filing fee,
    by October 15. This application will provide
    demographic information about the school, indicate
    the specific category for which the designation of
    excellence is being sought, and summarize activities
    related to each criterion.

  • A consultant, selected by the NLN, will visit each
    school that has submitted a preliminary application
    to guide faculty and students in highlighting their
    strengths and emphasizing their uniqueness.
    Consultants also provide answers to questions related
    to the Centers of Excellence Program or preparation of the final application. All expenses related to this visit are the responsibility of the school. The consultant will write a summary of the visit and submit it to the school.

  • The final application must document how all components of each criterion in the selected category arefulfilled by all programs offered by the school. This application must describe relevant activities, initiatives, and outcomes that serve to create an environment where excellence is pervasive. Since the supportive evidence is intended to showcase the school's excellence in the selected category, the material submitted will be unique to each school. This final application is due on or before May 15 and must be accompanied by the remaining application fee.

  • The Centers of Excellence committee will examine all application materials in June and make recommendations to the NLN Board of Governors about Center of Excellence designations.

  • All applicant schools will be notified of the outcome of the review and approval process in July.

  • Those schools selected as NLN Centers of Excellence in Nursing Education will be granted that designation for the next four academic years and may use the designation and special logo in their promotional material. Schools not selected as Centers of Excellence may re-apply in subsequent years.


Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education