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Many of us use the funds distributed by our wills and trusts to care for our family members after we are gone. With a legacy gift, you can also help take care of the NLN Foundation for Nursing Education.

The pride you feel when your sibling, child, or grandchild follows you into the nursing profession is mirrored by the gratitude of those who follow when you help the NLN Foundation support the educators who move students toward careers in nursing.

Testamentary gifts made by a provision in a will or revocable living trust may be for a stated sum of money or a percentage of the residuary estate of an individual. A specific bequest of a described piece of property may also be made. Bequest language incorporated into a will or trust must specify how a testamentary gift is to benefit the National League for Nursing Foundation for Nursing Education, Inc.

Although unrestricted bequests are encouraged because they can be used at the time they are received and for a variety of purposes as seen fit by the CEO or Board of Governors, bequests designated for a particular purpose are also possible and are greatly appreciated.

The residual of an IRA is an easy method of gifting the foundation; it can be done without an attorney simply by instructing to your financial agent. Making a gift from your will or trust lets everyone know how important nursing and nursing education is to you.

In late 2014, Congress approved IRA Roll-Over legislation allowing a donor of 70.5 years to use all or part of a qualified distribution from an IRA as a gift to a non-profit organization if the funds are sent from the financial institution directly to the non-profit organization without the donor ever taking possession of the funds. The donor does not receive a charitable deduction, but the funds are not considered income to the donor. Check with your banker or broker to determine the requirements at your financial institution.

With a planned gift to the NLN Foundation, you become a member of the Isabel Adams Hampton Robb Society named for the American nurse theorist, author, nursing school administrator, and early leader who helped to found the organizations that became known as the National League for Nursing in 1893.

Contact Tatiana Nin at or for specific language you can use to ensure a successful gift.