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Nursing Education National League for Nursing - Get Invovled The NLN Ambassador Program


The NLN Ambassador Program engages our members in efforts to ensure that faculty and educational leaders in all schools of nursing are kept informed about the NLN’s programs, grant opportunities, and member involvement initiatives. It serves as a mechanism for faculty to have a voice about things of concern to them, to increase the NLN’s visibility in all schools of nursing, and to enhance our role as a leader in nursing education.

Selection of Ambassadors

All NLN members are invited to volunteer to serve as ambassadors. Individuals who are willing to commit to fulfilling this role will be appointed for a two-year term and may be re-appointed to additional terms. In order to avoid confusion, each school of nursing will have only one ambassador who is encouraged to involve other NLN-member colleagues to promote the NLN in their institution.

Ambassadors must be current members of the NLN upon appointment to the role and must maintain active membership throughout their terms. Preference will be given to Certified Nurse Educators or members who have been actively involved in the NLN through service on a committee or task group; service as a research grant reviewer, Center of Excellence consultant, or any number of other roles.

Ambassadors must be able to communicate via email and electronic communities; access to internal communications (e.g., newsletters) at their schools and distribution lists of their full-time and part-time faculty colleagues is helpful. Finally, ambassadors are expected to commit to keeping current with NLN initiatives by using the NLN website, reading all communications from the NLN, familiarizing themselves with all NLN initiatives (e.g., certification, Centers of Excellence program), and contacting NLN staff for clarification and explanation as needed.

Responsibilities of Ambassadors

  • Ensure that faculty colleagues receive all communications from the NLN (e.g., NLN Member Update, Nursing Education Policy, the FacultyDevelopment Bulletin, Nursing Education Perspectives table of contents, Shaping the Future newsletter, RFPs, announcements about surveys, voting, etc.).
  • Encourage faculty colleagues to participate in NLN programs, apply for research grants, submit abstracts for the Summit, submit manuscripts to Nursing Education Perspectives, volunteer for task groups and special committees, agree to run for elected positions, nominate colleagues for awards, complete surveys, etc.
  • Answer questions about NLN membership benefits, the relationship between the NLN and NLNAC, and overall NLN initiatives.
  • Help colleagues connect with the appropriate NLN staff person regarding specific questions or concerns.
  • Assist the NLN in maintaining accurate contact information for full-time and part-time faculty in their institution.
  • Assist the NLN in communicating with deans/directors groups in their state or region.
  • Forward to the NLN feedback about the organization or its programs.
  • Forward to the NLN suggestions for programs, speakers, or future initiatives.
  • Forward to the NLN issues or concerns facing faculty as they implement their role; such issues may be forwarded to advisory councils or task groups for discussion, lead to the development of a position statement or creation of a think tank, or result in educational program offerings.
  • Participate in conference calls, e-communities, or other mechanisms to keep ambassadors informed and benefiting from one another’s ideas for successful implementation of the role.
  • Bring greetings on behalf of the NLN at co-sponsored programs offered in their geographic area.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the Ambassador Program

Responsibilities of the NLN

  • Select and appoint ambassadors.
  • Establish mechanisms that facilitate communication between ambassadors and the NLN, as well as among ambassadors themselves.
  • Provide ambassadors with materials about the NLN that help them in the role.
  • Communicate regularly with ambassadors.
  • Acknowledge the contributions of ambassadors (as outlined below).
  • Respond to ideas offered by ambassadors.
  • Manage any issues that may arise related to implementation of the Ambassador Program.

Acknowledgement of Ambassadors

  • Each ambassador will receive a letter of appointment, signed by the NLN president and CEO. Ambassadors are encouraged to list this honor on their Curriculum Vitae and consider it a contribution to a national professional association.
  • Ambassadors will be listed in the Education Summit program book.
  • NLN ambassadors will be invited to wear ribbons at the Education Summit and all other NLN-sponsored or co-sponsored programs, indicating their role.

Appointment of Ambassadors

Each semester, NLN members in schools without an ambassador will be invited to submit an interest form. Forms will be reviewed and appointments made in April and November.


Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education