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 The NLN offers three categories of membership for individual members:
Regular Individual Graduate Student  Retired 

The most popular option, individual membership is open to all individuals, educators, nurses, administrators, and anyone interested in excellence in nursing education. See benefits here and click to join below.

For students currently enrolled in masters and doctoral programs. Email verification of current enrollment to See benefits here and click to join below.
For retired individuals who are no longer employed, but who want to stay connected to nursing education. Retirees may pay for a 1-year or 2-year membership package. See benefits here and click to join below.
One Year Two Years

Regular Individual - download form

$150 $275

Graduate Student - download form

$80 N/A

Retired - download form

$100 $180

Membership in the NLN is for a 12-month period. Individuals are billed according to their anniversary date.

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Do you have a problem with you NLN account? Do not create a duplicate account as it will cause significant delays for you. Please contact or call 800-669-1656 to reach the Membership Department.

Update: Due to the NLN's database upgrade, it is not possible to join the NLN online at this time. You must download a form below and mail or fax the form to join the NLN.
Membership refund policy.