About Us

Our Function:

  1. To promote the services of the NLN.
  2. To promote faculty development and quality nursing education.
  3. To serve as a monitor for public policy issues related to education of nurses.
  4. To identify, recruit, engage, and develop members for constituent and national leadership.
  5. To develop alliances at the constituent level to advance.
  6. To serve as a channel of communication between NLN and the League’s members.

Learn More About Us:

Our AzLN Strategic Plan 2018 provides the guide for our planning.  We aspire to meet each goal within our plan each year.

 ByLaws  provide the structure for our organization.

You can meet our Board Members by clicking on our 2017-2018 Board Roster. The Board Members meet bi-monthly, virtually or in person.  Elections for these positions are held annually.

Your school may already be a member of the NLN.  If you are not, you can still become a member of AzLN.  Check our our membership page to learn more. NLN Membership Schools

Each membership school needs a NLN Ambassador!  If your school does not have one, let us know and we'll get you on the Ambassador roster for your school. Ambassadors 2015