Criteria for the Nurse Educator Scholarship for the

Certified Nurse Educator Exam

This scholarship is provided by the Florida League for Nursing (FLN). The reimbursement cost for the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam fee or renewal will be awarded as a onetime scholarship annually to five qualified nurse applicants for the purpose of obtaining CNE credentialing. This fee may apply for initial examination or recertification, upon proof of credentialing.

The minimum qualifications for the award are as follows.  The applicants must have:

  • Initial passing of the CNE exam or recertification (this is for reimbursement purposes only)
  • Current membership in the National League for Nursing and the Florida League for Nursing
  • Graduated from an accredited graduate nursing program
  • An active, unrestricted license to practice nursing in the State of Florida
  • Adjunct or full-time employment as a faculty member or staff educator
  • The intention of remaining in the State of Florida to teach nursing
  • Additional documentation as noted on the application form

Scholarships will be awarded to up to five FLN members based on postdate or email of  completed application materials. Click here to download application.

Return required documentation to:
Cynthia Blum, PhD, RN, CNE
19658 Red Maple Lane
Jupiter, FL 33458

This scholarship will be awarded to a qualified applicant regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or political affiliation.