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League Awards

Constituent League Leadership Award

The award program for local members recognizes leaders that go that extra mile for their state, the NLN, and the nursing education community in two distinct categories:

  • Constituent League Excellence in Leadership

    Award for an individual
  • Constituent League Excellence in Innovation Award

    Award for a Constituent League

The NLN is currently accepting nominations for these awards.

Constituent League Excellence in Leadership Awardees

 Year   Leadership Award
 2008    Marilyn Frenn
 Pat Porterfield
 2009    Susan Devaney
 2010    Nancy Bittner
 Michele Foley
Massachusetts/Rhode Island
New Jersey
 2011    Susan Deane
 2012    Donna Boland
 2013    Marcia Proto
 2014    Sharon Schlosser
 2016    John Whitcomb South Carolina
 2017    Donna Murray  New Jersey

Constituent League Excellence in Innovation Awardees

Year  League  
 2012  Iowa  
 2013  Connecticut  
 2014  Massachusetts/Rhode Island
 2015  Indiana
 2016  North Carolina  
 2017  Wisconsin  

Ohio League for Nursing Education Summit

  • Dates: 05 – 06 Apr, 2018
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