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Fall 2021 MARILN President’s Message 

Hello to all MARILN members.There is no “downtime” in a pandemic… you just seem to keep moving forward and hope for better days.  Similarly, there was no “downtime” for MARILN this summer.  MARILN has been working closely with the MABORN to improve communication, transparency, and advocacy.  Furthermore, MARILN has been working closely with the Organization of Nurse Leaders across New England to develop “ best practices” in the face of this pandemic.  Highlighted below are some of our progress updates.  There is much work to do, and we need people to work on these task forces. If interested, please email me : 

Collaboration with MA Board of Registration in Nursing (MABORN) 

MARILN has been meeting with MABORN about 2 or 3 times a year to improve communication, foster collaboration, transparency, and advocacy for nursing schools.  These meetings started under the tenure of Past President JoAnn Mulready-Shick.  We had three meetings in 2020 and two meetings this year.  In attendance at these meetings were Joann Monks (MARILN PN director), Susan Maciewicz (MARILN ADN Director), and Cheryl Williams (MARILN President). The action outcomes of these meetings include: 

  • Re-established annual BORN meetings with ADN and PN nursing school program administrators and faculty.
  • Preparation of the BORN Annual Report workshops are available.
  • "Best practices” to develop appropriate Strategic Evaluation Plans (SEPs).
  • PN nursing schools may utilize preceptors; the preceptor needs to be BSN or higher.
  • Developing a mechanism in which Nursing Education can advise the MABORN as it relates to policies and regulations which effects nursing education.
  • Addressing ways in which the PCS/NCLEX delays. 

MARILN has applied political pressure opposing the elimination of the waiver, which allows BSN-prepared faculty to teach in skills labs and clinical.  On 8/31/21, MARILN and MACN (represented by President Diane Welsh) met with the Outgoing DPH Commissioner, now Chief of Staff, Jen Barrel, EOHCC director James Lavery, Executive Director BORN Lorena Silva, and Claire MacDonald, BORN Deputy Director.   As a result of these communications: 

  • MABORN has decided to “re-evaluate” the elimination of the BSN waiver, which allows BSN-prepared faculty to teach in clinical and skills labs.
  • MABORN has decided to “slow down” and re-evaluate the program administrator definition for nursing schools. 

In 2020, MARILN provided testimony supporting the state’s adoption of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).  I am happy to report that the Health Policy Collaborative (HPC) has examined the NLC’s impact on MA and agreed to recommend its implementation in MA.  In 2019, Governor Baker agreed but wanted the HPC to study it.  The HPC’s report is below; it is an excellent report that all should read. 

Collaboration with Organization of Nurse Leaders (ONL) 

As part of our 2020-2021 Strategic Plan, MARILN provided one MARILN board member an annual membership to ONL.  In addition, MARILN offered to sponsor ONL’s Nursing Summit and sent them $1000. Both plans benefitted MARILN membership tremendously.  Here are a few highlights: 

  • By being an ONL member, I was privy to their Fall and Annual meetings.  In addition, MARILN was able to provide the academic link to practice and assist in developing “best practices” as it relates to the pandemic and nursing students.  We have mutually developed nurse support groups and preceptor development modules.  Please review the white paper.
  • ONL did not hold a Nurse Summit this year due to Covid-19.  However, they offered 10 of our BODs to attend a Leadership Lunch Series at a 50% discount.  The first speaker was Eileen Fry-Bowers. Dr. Fry-Bowers spoke about the new AACN Essentials and the need for a competency-based nursing curriculum.  She also highlighted the new 2020-2030 Nurse of the Future Report.  Please do review the recommendations by clicking on the link: Dr. Fry-Bowers also mentioned some legislation that could have a tremendous influence on nursing education.  A nurse herself and US Representative for Illinois, Lauren Underwood, and Senator Jeff Merkley have spearheaded a campaign entitled the Future Advancement of Academic Nursing (FAAN) Act S. 246/HR.851.  This bill authorizes the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to award grants to nursing schools to increase capacity to respond to public health emergencies and pandemics and otherwise enhance nursing education programs. Link: 
  • MARILN would like a member who is also an ONL member, become involved on the ONL Government Affairs committee.  ONL Governmental Affairs is the political arm of ONL… it would be helpful for MARILN to be well-positioned on this committee.  If interested, please email me: 


Cheryl Williams PhD RN CNE NP-C

MA/RI League for Nursing President

Associate Professor

Salem State University


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