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Welcome to the Massachusetts/Rhode Island League for Nursing!

As a Constituent League, MARILN has had a very rewarding and fulfilling year.  Our two educational conferences were very well attended (maximum number) and we had two phenomenal, national speakers; Doctor Mary Ellen Glasgow and Doctor Judith Herrman.  Our members commented about the quality of the presentations and how the offerings exceeded their expectations.

Additionally, our membership continues to average about 230-240 and this is a steady increase for during the past couple of years.  We continue to advance the NLN Mission and hope not only attract but also retain faculty and practitioners.  In that regard, we have surveyed our membership for overall satisfaction and for the feasibility of implementing a Mentoring Program.

Our mini-workshops presented in 2017 were well received and we will sponsor another round in 2018.  We know that location is important to all of you so we will travel to different areas to offer the workshops.

Many of our board members and officers have been participating in various organizations to foster collaborative nursing partnerships such as the Massachusetts Coalition of Nursing and ANA Massachusetts.  MARILN is in support of this work to enhance the changes in nursing education, policy and practice.

Lastly, I want thank all of you for your work and in particular, Sheila Blomquist, our Administrative Assistant. We are a successful organization because of all of you!

Pat Demers, MS, MPH, RN, NE-BC, CNE
Massachusetts/Rhode Island League for Nursing