WELCOME to the Oklahoma League for Nursing

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Anne Bavier, NLN President will be speaking at the Oklahoma League for Nursing Fall 2016 Workshop in OKC, OK. See the Spring/Fall Workshop page for more information!

A great big Oklahoma Hello! Welcome to our Constituent League web page and we hope you enjoy learning about Oklahoma League for Nursing(OLN). Please allow us to introduce the Oklahoma League for Nursing, OLN.

The Oklahoma League for Nursing became an ‘Affiliated Constituent League’ member of the National League for Nursing (NLN) in the late 1970’s. The purpose of being a Constituent League (CL) is to support and implement the mission of the NLN to promote nursing education excellence and their mission. The CL provides for local collaboration and a link between the members within the CL and between the CL and the national office.  In order for Oklahoma to become a CL, we had to have a minimum of eight interested members to form a board of directors that would represent at least two areas of Oklahoma. The areas represented at the time were Oklahoma City (OKC) and Tulsa. These members had to be NLN members as well. Some of the early activities were spring conventions and fall workshops, where educational offerings for faculty and nurses were provided.

The OLN hosts two workshops each year offering CEU's to participants: a spring and a fall workshop for nurse educators, nurses and students. We utilize the OKC and Tulsa areas for these workshops. The OLN also provides an annual membership meeting, usually in conjunction with the Oklahoma Nurses Association Convention which alternates between OKC and Tulsa.  Refreshments are provided along with some networking, elections, and information sharing.

The OLN provides scholarships yearly to each level of nursing schools for faculty development. Our membership numbers 75 currently but a special committee, OLN Out-Reach, will soon begin to reach out to all corners of the state to provide information about services for nurses and recruitment of new members in these regions of our great state.

For the past 5 years, the Outstanding Educator Award (occasionally referred to as Excellence in Teaching Award) has been given to an OLN member who demonstrates high standards as a nurse educator.  Plans are to continue this special recognition which is presented at the annual membership meeting.

Our Executive board consists of a President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The OLN Board of Directors includes the executive officers and four At-Large-Member directors plus any special members that have been appointed.  We have some standing committees and special committees.

Of interest regarding data on the state of nursing in Oklahoma, there are 66 total nursing programs of all levels in the state with on-campus and online programs. Some specific Oklahoma data for the year 2014 on licensed nurses is as follows:  51,266 RNs, 19,587 LPNs and 2,597 APRNs (https://www.ok.gov/nursing/nrspop12.pdf).

If you are interested in learning more about our great state of Oklahoma, please visit this website! http://www.ok.gov/portal/section.php?sec_id=8

We'd love for ya'll to come visit us, anytime!

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