About Us


The West Virginia League for Nursing, Inc., is a recognized affiliate of the NLN and adopts the bylaws and policies that are consistent with those of the NLN.


The functions of the West Virginia League for Nursing, Inc., in furtherance of the object set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation / Articles of Incorporation are:

1. To promote and utilize the products and services of the NLN, including, but not limited to:

  1. Nursing education standards

  2. Faculty development programs

  3. Nursing education research

  4. Nursing supply data; and

  5. Assessment & evaluation tests;

2. To participate in the securing of funds at the local/state level to promote faculty development and quality nursing education at the constituent level;

3. To serve as a monitor for public policy issues related to education of nurses at the constituent level;

4. To identify, recruit, engage, and develop members for constituent and national leadership work groups and task forces;

5. To develop alliances at the constituent level to advance quality nursing education; and

6. To serve as a channel of communication between NLN and the Constituent League's members and among Constituent League members.


Membership dues for the West Virginia League for Nursing, Inc. are $50 annually. All members of the Constituent League shall pay dues directly to the West Virginia League for Nursing, Inc.


There are at least three Board meetings annually. All Officers and Board members are expected to attend and any interested members are welcome. There is an Annual Meeting of the Constituent League in the spring of every year. This meeting includes both organizational discussions and a workshop including nationally known speakers and presentations of nursing research conducted within West Virginia.


Standing Committees include:

Executive Committee Finance Committee Nominations Committee Strategic
Planning Committee Membership Committe Public Relations Committee Programs
Committee By-laws Committee Scholarship Committee