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Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education National League for Nursing - Membership

1. What are the categories of NLN membership?

  • There are two categories of NLN membership:
    • Agency: includes Education Agencies and Associate Member
    • Individual: Full, Retired, Graduate Student

2. What are the dues for each type of membership?

  • There are three categories for Individual Membership:
    • Full Members $120 annually or $220 for two years
    • Graduate Student Members $80
    • Retired Members $80 annually or $140 for two years
  • Education Agency Member dues are based on the number of graduates for all programs: Membership fees are based on the total number of students who graduated from the combined nursing education programs located on one campus the previous year. These fees are determined according to the following sliding scale:
    • 0-50 graduates: $1,130
    • 51-100 graduates: $1,390
    • 101 or more graduates: $1,655
    Membership fees for schools of nursing that offer nursing programs at more than one campus are determined as follows:
    • Main campus: $1,655
    • Additional campuses: $260 per campus
  • Associate Membership is $550 annually
    • Additional site: $200

    3. I am a faculty member at XYZ school and would like to join the NLN. What do I do?

    If your school of nursing is a member of the NLN, you receive full individual benefits as a faculty member at no additional charge. Please check with your dean/director to verify your schools membership in the NLN and have your dean submit your name, along with a list of all full- and part-time faculty in your school. This list can be updated online by the dean by selecting Update Faculty List on our homepage.

    4. I joined as an individual member but recently learned I have membership through my school. Can I get a refund?

    Those who pay individual dues and then learn that they are entitled to FREE membership because their school is a member will be refunded as follows:
    0-4 weeks after join date: full amount minus $25.00 processing fee
    4 weeks to 90 days after join date: full amount minus $65.00 (journal cost and processing fee)
    After 90 days after join date: No refund

    5. How many votes do members receive?

    • Education Agency Members are entitled to 10 votes
    • Individual Members are entitled to 1 vote

    6. Are NLN members also members of a Constituent League?

    Although membership in a Constituent League is no longer automatic, all NLN members are encouraged to join and participate in a Constituent League. A listing of the current Constituent League contacts is available here.

    7. Will Constituent Leagues receive names of all NLN Individual and Agency Members for their respective state or region?

    Yes. This is one of the services National will provide to Constituent Leagues.

    8. What NLN membership dues revenue is shared with Constituent Leagues?

    Constituent Leagues receive $50 for each new (or renewal) Educational Agency Membership.

    9. Can I pay my Agency Member dues and the NLNAC annual accreditation fee in one check to the NLN?

    No, because:
    • NLNAC became a seperate entity January 1, 2001
    • NLN and NLNAC will bill separately for membership and accreditation fees respectively


Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education