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Membership in the National League for Nursing is open to all individuals, education agencies, health care agencies and other organizations committed to advancing excellence in nursing education. Membership in the NLN is for a 12 month period. Individuals are billed according to their anniversary date. Education agencies and Associate members are billed by the calendar year (January to December).

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Individual Membership
NLN's individual members play an essential role in the vitality of our professional association. Individual members are nurse educators, policy makers, members or employees of an NLN Associate, interested members of the public, and others.

Fee Structure
The NLN offers three categories of membership for individual members:

  One Year Two Years
Full Individual $120 $220
Graduate Student Individual $80 N/A
Retired Individual $80 $140

Education Agency Membership (Schools of Nursing)
An education agency membership provides considerable savings to the faculty and sends a strong message that your institution, like the NLN is committed to encouraging the lifelong pursuit of faculty development. Full- and part-time faculty at NLN member education agencies receive NLN membership at no additional charge. This category is designed to reflect more accurately the needs of our agency members by taking into account the size of each education institution's entire nursing program.

Fee Structure
  • Membership fees are based on the total number of students who graduated from the combined nursing education programs located on one campus the previous year. These fees are determined according to the following sliding scale:

    0 - 50 graduates $1,020
    51 - 100 graduates $1,260
    101 or more graduates $1,500

  • Membership fees for schools of nursing that offer nursing programs at more than one campus are determined as follows:

    Main campus $1,500
    Additional campuses $250 per campus

  • Membership in the NLN is for a 12-month period and is billed by the calendar year (January to December). Membership fees are prorated according to join date. For schools with multiple campuses, only the main campus fee is pro-rated.

Associate Membership
The NLN Associate is recognized as a key partner of the organization that is the voice for nursing education. This diverse group of organizations and health care agencies, public and private, are committed to an educated nursing workforce and are advocates for excellence in nursing education. All associate applications will be reviewed for conflict of interest.

Fee Structure
Associate fees are $550 annually.


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