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New Alliance Designed to Reduce Burden on Nursing Administrators and Faculty

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Karen R. Klestzick 212-812-0376;

August 31, 2005— National and local shortages of nurses and nurse faculty appear to be worsening; accurate data about student admissions, enrollments, and graduations, as well as data about faculty, are increasingly important. Because nursing education programs are repeatedly requested to submit data to indicate need for budget increases or budget stability, among other requirements, the NLN and its two partners have taken the lead in coordinating and consolidating data collection efforts. All three organizations have agreed to share the data collected from a single survey known as the National Nursing Education Database™ (NNED) Survey of Schools of Nursing.

As it has done for more than 50 years, the NLN will report on the data obtained through the NNED™ Survey of Schools of Nursing through its Nursing Data Review and State-Approved Schools of Nursing publications, as well as in other formats. The NJCCN will publish separate additional reports about the schools of nursing in New Jersey. And the NJBON will use the data collected through this survey in lieu of their annual report, which is required of schools as per board of nursing regulation NJAC 13:37-1.15(e).

The NJCCN and the NJBON, join the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the American Association of Community Colleges in making the National Nursing Education Database™ the premier data collection tool for all nursing education programs, regardless of type, accreditation status, or NLN membership status. This collaboration serves as a model that could be implemented nationally to reduce the reporting burden placed on schools, provide for consistent data reporting, and generate a comprehensive repository of information for all types of nursing education programs. The NNED Survey will be disseminated on October 14, 2005. For more information about the survey, please contact Dr. Kathy Kaufman at 212-812-0326,

Other organizations wishing to explore a similar collaboration with the NLN may contact Dr. Lin Jacobson, director of research, at 212-812-0358 or