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Excellence in Nursing Education Model Unveiled at 2006 NLN Education Summit


Visual Representation of the Complexity of Excellence in Nursing Education

November 3, 2006

New York, NY.... Conceived and designed to facilitate understanding of the complexity of the nursing education enterprise and stimulate thinking among faculty and students about the concepts of excellence, the NLN Excellence in Nursing Education Model illustrates the elements that need to be attended to in order to achieve excellence in our schools of nursing.

"Nurses of the 21st century," said NLN CEO Dr. Ruth Corcoran, "must be armed with a complex set of knowledge, skills, and values. As they fulfill various roles, nurses of today and tomorrow need to: understand the principles that underlie their practice; know how to find, manage, and use information; be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty; be leaders and agents for change; think critically and communicate effectively; function effectively in the face of conflict; and manage constant change, including technological developments."

The NLN Excellence in Nursing Education Model comprises eight core elements:

  • a well-prepared faculty
  • student-centered, interactive, and innovative programs and curricula
  • Evidence-based programs and teaching/evaluation methods
  • qualified students
  • clear program standards and hallmarks that raise expectations
  • means to recognize expertise
  • quality and adequate resources
  • well-prepared educational administrators

Explains NLN chief program officer Dr. Terry Valiga, "the model explicates many of the components relevant to each element and has applications for all types of nursing education programs — practical nurse, associate degree, diploma, baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral."

NLN member schools and individual NLN members will each receive one copy of the model. Other faculty members can receive one free copy upon request. Bulk orders will be filled at $1.00 apiece in order to cover our costs.
Contact:, 212-812-0324.

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