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NLN Supports Nurse Faculty Higher Education Act


Rep. Carolyn McCarthys Bill Addresses Critical Shortages in Nursing Creates Pilot Program to Increase Graduate-Educated Nurse Faculty


New York, NY, May 23, 2007 — Based on the positive impact the bill would have vis a vis the nurse and nurse faculty shortage, the National League for Nursing today announced its strong endorsement of the legislation introduced by Representative McCarthy on May 17.

The Faculty Higher Education Act will "create a pilot program to increase the number of graduate-educated nurse faculty to meet the future need for qualified nurses..." Said NLN CEO Dr. Beverly Malone, "The provision of grants to hospitals and health facilities that permit qualified nurses to earn a salary while they continue their education is a significant step in addressing our ongoing shortages." Nurses participating in this program would continue to work part time or on flexible schedules to accommodate their schooling. Upon completion, each nurse will be required to teach two years for each year of support received under the program.

Added NLN president Dr. Toni Bargagliotti, "The NLN endorsed this bill when it was introduced in the previous Congress and stands behind it 100 percent. It is as vital as ever to ensure that nurses exist in the future who are prepared and qualified to take care of all Americans who will need their care.

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