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New York Supreme Court Upholds NLN Position in Ongoing Litigation with ACEN (formerly NLNAC)

New York Supreme Court Upholds NLN Position in Ongoing Litigation with ACEN (formerly NLNAC)

Court Rules NLN Subsidiary Did Not Have Authority to Amend Own Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation and Denies Its Request to Void Longstanding Contracts


New York, NY — August 2, 2013 — The National League for Nursing announced today the New York Supreme Court ruling regarding the lawsuit with ACEN (formerly NLNAC), upholding the NLNs position on the ongoing litigation.

The Court ruled that NLNAC (ACEN) did not have the authority to amend its own bylaws and Articles of Incorporation as it tried to do in April 2013. By this action, the NLNAC commissioners were attempting to remove the NLN as the principal member of NLNAC thus relegating the League to a Class B member without any substantive rights.

In a second positive ruling for the NLN, the Court denied NLNACs request to void the longstanding contracts that were agreed to by the NLN and NLNAC more than 10 years ago. What this ruling means is that NLNAC owes the monies due the League under the terms of the contracts. These funds have been held in escrow since June 2011.

In making this announcement, President Judith Halstead, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF, reiterated the Leagues commitment to the development of new accreditation services. "The NLNs accreditation services will be permeated with the Leagues core values of caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence; and meet Department of Education criteria as well as the needs of nursing and nursing education."

Added NLN CEO Beverly Malone, PhD, RN, FAAN, "Our mission to advance the health of the nation cannot be achieved without a commitment to the best nursing education possible. The new accreditation department will help achieve that goal."

Additional information and FAQs about the NLNs Accreditation Services and the litigation can be found here.

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