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New Installment in NLN Vision Series: Doctoral Faculty Collaboration in Nursing Education

DNP Vision Statement
April 23, 2018

For Immediate Release Contact: Jane Calem Rosen
New Installment in NLN Vision Series:
Doctoral Faculty Collaboration in Nursing Education

League Calls for Greater Integration Between Research and Practice Doctoral Graduates and Faculty to Support Advancement of Nursing Education and Quality Health Outcomes
Washington, DC, April 23, 2018 — For more than two decades, the National League for Nursing has been a strong advocate for evidence-based teaching and the advancement of the science of nursing education. At the same time, the league has also called for the creation of strong links between practice and education, recognizing that the integration of the science of learning into teaching practices can only be successful through close alignment with current and emerging clinical practice outcomes. As an increasing number of Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs have recently changed the landscape of higher education in nursing, it's time to create greater understanding of and respect for the different roles of graduates and faculty with research-focused and practice-focused doctoral degrees.

The divergent strengths and challenges of these distinctive methods of doctoral preparation led the NLN to explore how graduates and faculty with both research and clinical doctorates may identify and create opportunities for collaboration and integration in the advancement of excellence in nursing education and clinical practice. One result of that effort is the Doctoral Faculty Collaboration in Nursing Education, the latest entry in the NLN's Vision Series.

NLN President G. Rumay Alexander, EdD, RN, FAAN, applauded its publication. "Seeking ways to support doctoral graduates and faculty in creating a community of colleagues working together, the dissemination of this vision provides NLN's voice for doctoral education and as a resource for doctoral faculty to bring excellence to the doctoral experience, regardless of the specific degree track."

"The NLN believes that the PhD and DNP are complementary," Dr. Alexander continued, "and bring, through equally legitimate scholarly work, diverse strengths to the advancement of the science of nursing in both practice and education."

Echoing the vision statement, NLN CEO Beverly Malone, PhD, RN, FAAN, went on to assert: "To fully achieve scholarship in nursing science, in both education and practice, the composition of faculty requires all forms of diversity to co-create a culture of inclusive excellence. Diversity must encompass varying intellectual perspectives and the knowledge and skills of differing academic degrees to provide leadership for transforming education and health care systems. Creating a community of scholars, where doctorally prepared faculty share ideas about research, clinical practice, and curriculum design, has been advocated as a strategy for cultivating inclusion."

Regarding the recommendations in the document for the NLN, Dr. Alexander wrote to the NLN Board of Governors, "We are moving forward. For the 2019 grant cycle, the NLN will call for proposals to focus on a DNP-PhD collaborative nursing education research project."

Another follow-up is a planned faculty development workshop in July, Facilitating the DNP Scholarly Project: From Idea to Dissemination.

The complete text of Doctoral Faculty Collaboration in Nursing Education is on the NLN website.

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