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Statement from the Tri-Council for Nursing on U.S. Withdrawal from the World Health Organization

“As nursing leaders, the Tri-Council for Nursing seriously urges the President to reconsider his decision to leave the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO plays a critical role in facilitating collaboration between governments and non-governmental organizations seeking to collectively address health challenges around the globe and at home in the U.S. Abruptly choosing to leave the WHO in the middle of a global pandemic puts the U.S. at a strategic disadvantage in the worldwide battle against COVID-19, potentially limiting the sharing of information opportunities with vital epidemiological research partners and complicating our nation's efforts in vaccine development.

Remaining in the WHO will allow the U.S. to continue serving as a global steward for building consensus in the fight against COVID-19 and the many other current and future health challenges the world and this nation will face.”

The Tri-Council for Nursing is an alliance between the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the American Nurses Association, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, and the National League for Nursing. While each organization has its own constituent membership and unique mission, they are united by common values and convene regularly for the purpose of dialogue and consensus building, to provide stewardship within the profession of nursing.

These organizations represent nurses in practice, nurse executives and nursing educators. The Tri-Council’s diverse interests encompass the nursing work environment, health care legislation, and policy, quality of health care, nursing education, practice, research and leadership across all segments of the health delivery system.