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September 15, 2016 | NLN Member Update: NLN Books and Authors

NLN Member Update June 2016
header XIX, Issue Number 18

September 14, 2016
bevphoto Dear Colleagues,

Colleagues, we are just days away from the NLN Education Summit 2016. Among the many exciting happenings at this year’s Summit is Meet the NLN Authors, which takes place in the Exhibit Hall at 6:30 next Wednesday evening, September 21, at the booth of our publishing partner Wolters Kluwer. This is a great opportunity to interact with leading scholars in nursing education and ask them to autograph copies of their newest books. So, are you curious? Which author would you like to meet? Let me tell you who will be there and a bit about their publications.

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Oklahoma League for Nursing Workshop w/ NLN President Anne Bavier

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bullet Dr. Marilyn Oermann will introduce A Systematic Approach to Assessment and Evaluation of Nursing Programs, published with the support of the NLN Center for Assessment and Evaluation. This one of a kind book offers strategies for conducting ongoing formative and summative evaluation of nursing programs of all types. Academic and health care institutions will find it of great value in decision-making regarding program and curriculum design and for providing much-needed data for accreditation.

bullet Dr. Elizabeth Speakman will present Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice: Creating a Blueprint for Nurse Educators, written in collaboration with the NLN Center for Transformational Leadership. This practical book helps nurse educators develop multidiscipline, team-based learning opportunities for students. Each chapter presents a broad perspective on how to create, deliver, and evaluate meaningful interprofessional education and collaborative practice learning opportunities.

bullet Drs. Barbara Patterson and Anne Krouse will present Scientific Inquiry in Nursing Education: Advancing the Science, written in collaboration with the NLN | Chamberlain College of Nursing Center for the Advancement of the Science of Nursing Education. This book fills a void in nursing education and research, addressing the need for rigorous study design that is theoretically based and uses reliable and valid measures. It clearly addresses the fourth goal of the NLN Strategic Plan, “promoting evidence-based research in nursing education and the scholarship of teaching.”

bullet The NLN’s chief program officer, Dr. Elaine Tagliareni, offers Teaching with ACE.S: A Faculty Guide, a publication of the NLN Center for Excellence in the Care of Vulnerable Populations. This book, dedicated to the late Dr. Andrea Mengel, a co-creator of the ACE.S project, provides a roadmap for the implementation of ACE.S, with foundational evidence for the ACE.S framework and exemplars of how faculty, many of them NLN Hearst Foundations Award winners, applied the framework to their unique curricula. I’m sure this book would make Andie smile.

Two authors whose books were introduced at last year’s Summit will also be present for Meet the NLN Authors. Dr. Linda Caputi, Innovation Center editor for Nursing Education Perspectives, won an AJN Book of the Year Award for Innovations in Nursing Education: Building the Future of Nursing, Volume 2, the second in a three-volume collection. And Dr. Pamela Jeffries, who will be honored at this Summit with the NLN Mary Adelaide Nutting Award for Outstanding Leadership in Nursing Education, will autograph copies of The NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory.

To say that I am proud of the role of the NLN Centers for Nursing Education in these publications would be an understatement. These new books are important works of scholarship that support evidence-based best practices in curricula and teaching-learning strategies for advancing the science of nursing education, for the enrichment of this and future generations of faculty and students. Take the time now to shop online and see all the books we have to offer.

As I said earlier, the Summit is just one week, seven days, away. Our anticipation is at a peak and I’m looking forward to seeing you there. If I don’t greet you personally, tweet to let us know that you are in the house. Our Summit is truly the house of learning, teaching, excitement, and joy. Join me…


Beverly Malone, PhD, RN, FAAN
Chief Executive Officer

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