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October 4, 2017 | For Members Only: NLN CEO Update on Community of Colleagues

NLN Member Update October 6 2017
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October 4, 2017
bevphoto Dear Colleagues,

When she accepted the mantle of president of the NLN at our Annual Business Meeting at the NLN Education Summit 2017, Dr. Rumay Alexander spoke of her sighs. All who heard her could understand. The backdrop to this year’s Summit was unusually challenging as we worried about those in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, and other areas in the path of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma – before we even knew about the devastation that would later be unleashed by Hurricane Maria upon the people of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands – and, of course, before we knew about the tragedy that would unfold this week in Las Vegas.

As we convened in the beautiful city of San Diego, we were well aware that across our country, nurses, nurse educators, and nursing students were responding to calls for help, leaving their homes and jobs to provide much-needed aid in the affected areas. The need for volunteers and funds remains enormous. We have a link to the Red Cross on the NLN website for those looking for a way to give.

Our hearts go out to our many members and their families in Puerto Rico, our fellow Americans – and all those touched by this year’s hurricanes, fires in our Northwest, the destructive earthquakes that so affected Mexico, and the victims of this week’s senseless, horrific shooting in Las Vegas. And let’s not forget those far away. Sierra Leone and Bangladesh both experienced severe flooding this summer. While we can’t be everywhere, I continue to be glad that we expanded the NLN mission to focus on advancing the health of our nation and the global community. And I am grateful to those many nurses and other first responders who prepare on an ongoing basis to respond to the unthinkable – they are our heroes.

As she acknowledged the many challenges facing society today, and the challenges facing nursing education, Rumay concluded her inaugural address with a call for listening and engaging in courageous dialogue with others. She spoke of the “NLN state of mind” as one that offers direction to sharpen our individual and collective ability to engage with others. She spoke about the importance of teaching. And then, after her thoughtful talk, our new president encouraged us to dance – and dance we did.

For the first time, we had a deejay at our President’s Reception following the Honors Convocation on the final evening of the Summit, and the atmosphere became electric. You don’t believe me, colleagues? Well, for proof, look at the photos of the Summit already available on the NLN Facebook page. (All photos may be downloaded in hi-res format on our Flickr page.) You will see us dancing and so much more.

Despite the enormous challenges we face, this was, I believe, a particularly joyful Summit, starting with the keynote address by Dr. David Daniel, professor of psychology at James Madison University, who spoke with humor about the science of learning. All the plenary sessions – including our annual National Faculty Meeting and the Debra Spunt Lecture by renowned simulation scholar Dr. Kathie Lasater – were lively and engaging. I am happy to report that they will be available on the NLN YouTube channel by the time of my next Member Update.

The odd years for NLN Summits are a particularly emotional time, for that is when one president presents her successor with the gavel of leadership and a beautiful presidential pin. Dr. Anne Bavier looked to the future as she reminded us of the remarkable accomplishments during her tenure as president. Colleagues, join me in thanking Anne for her many years of service to the NLN, and especially for her dedication and vision during her years as NLN president and president-elect.

Anne concluded her farewell address with the reminder that the League is about to celebrate 125 years of progress in nursing education. Yes, colleagues, the 2018 NLN Education Summit will take place in Chicago where it all began, during the World’s Columbian Exposition, the celebrated Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. Our Summit theme is appropriate: 125 Years of Teaching Excellence: The Birth of Leadership in Nursing Education. Look for the Call for Abstracts and plan to be with us then.

Before I close I want to tell you a bit about the new NLN Board of Governors. President G. Rumay Alexander has been promoted and is now associate vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where she is also a professor. Dr. Launette Woolforde, vice president of nursing education and professional development at Northwell Health’s Office of the Chief Nurse Executive in New York, was presented with the prestigious Belinda E. Puetz award by the Association for Nursing Professional Development. And tomorrow, Dr. Linda Moneyham and our former president Dr. Marsha Adams will be inducted in the 2017 Alabama Nursing Hall of Fame. And of course, we have new officers: Our 2017- 2019 president-elect is Patricia Yoder-Wise, dean emerita of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, who served for the past three years as League treasurer. And our new treasurer is Dr. Anne Krouse, professor and associate dean for education and practice of the School of Nursing at the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences.

A journey of 1000 years begins with a single step. As a Community of Colleagues, let’s hold one another’s hand in partnership and interprofessional collaboration and begin our journey toward our next 125 years of teaching excellence.

All the best,

Beverly Malone, PhD, RN, FAAN
Chief Executive Officer



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