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December 13, 2017 | NLN CEO Update on 2018 and Beyond

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December 13, 2017
bevphoto Dear Colleagues,

This has been a tumultuous year, colleagues, has it not? With my last Member Update of 2017, I feel compelled to not only talk about the accomplishments of the NLN during this year and the direction we are taking, but also to mention the importance of civility in everything we do. Events this year have led to the downfall of some very prominent people in a number of fields — entertainment, journalism, government, among others. We talk a lot about civility in the nursing classroom and in clinical settings — and indeed, the Tri-Council for Nursing issued an important Proclamation on Nursing Civility on September 16 — so I won't dwell on the topic here. But it is worth remembering that the way we interact with others can have profound effects. We have the power to wound and the power to uplift — something to consider as we approach 2018.

This past year has been a wonderful one for the NLN, with major accomplishments that will have a far-reaching impact for years to come. Here is just some of what the NLN accomplished in 2017.

bullet We released two important vision statements — Expanding US Nursing Education for Global Health Engagement and Graduate Preparation for Academic Nurse Educators.
bullet Our research journal, Nursing Education Perspectives, published an important special issue on preparing the nurse of the future, with accounts of progress from State Action Coalitions.
bullet We expanded our ACE program, introducing Advancing Care Excellence for Persons with Disabilities (ACE.D) and added new teaching strategies for Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACE.S).
bullet As always, we presented grants for research in nursing education and scholarships for ethnically diverse nurses committed to careers in academic nursing education.
bullet We offered an array of webinars and professional development workshops, including our new NLN in Your Community.
bullet We had the best Summit ever, Our Community of Colleagues, in beautiful San Diego, and are planning now to celebrate 125 years of the NLN at our upcoming Summit in Chicago (September 12-15), where it all began.

So what is on the agenda for 2018? Well, I'm glad you asked.

bullet You can register now for our Nursing Education Research Conference 2018, co-sponsored with Sigma Theta Tau International in Washington DC, April 19-21.
bullet We will have our 4th Biennial Simulation Conference in Boise, Idaho, co-sponsored with Boise State University, May 17-19.
bullet Starting in February we have a number of important workshops in Washington DC, as well as webinars to introduce you to all aspects of NLN CNEA, the NLN Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation.
bullet Forthcoming, we have another of our highly successful Scholarly Writing Retreats, scheduled for June 9-10, and are accepting applications now.
bullet With our brand new NLN OnDemand, we now offer continuing education courses on topics such as CNE prep, building a futuristic curriculum for PN education, enhancing learning through technology, and teaching thinking.
bullet The Accelerating to Practice© (A2P) program, developed by the NLN and Laerdal Medical to improve the preparedness of new nurses as they enter practice, is being piloted in three large hospital systems and is available for early adoption.

As you plan for 2018, colleagues, there are a couple of things about the NLN I hope you will keep in mind. First, we cannot offer grants and scholarships and much of our programming without your support. I ask you once again to give generously to the NLN Foundation for Nursing Education and our Preserving Our Past, Building Our Future Campaign. Thanks to those who have responded to the call and given so generously.

Second, think about your service to nursing education and consider applying for fellowship in the prestigious NLN Academy of Nursing Education (applications are due February 15). Fellows are individuals who have made enduring and substantial contributions to nursing education as teachers, mentors, scholars, public policy advocates, practice partners, and administrators. Ask yourself if the time is now, and think how wonderful it would be to be called to the stage as a fellow at our anniversary Chicago Summit this September 2018.

Third, and this is sad — let us send our thoughts and prayers to those in southern California who are affected by the wildfires that threaten whole communities and the homes of so many. The firefighters who risk their own lives to protect others are an inspiration, as are the nurses and other first responders who are helping California during this crisis.

And finally, I wish you peace and health and all good things this holiday season. Enjoy your break and plan to work together with the NLN in promoting excellence in nursing education in the year to come.

All the best,

Beverly Malone, PhD, RN, FAAN
Chief Executive Officer

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