2000 Recipients

2000 NLN Nursing Education Research Grant Recipients

Reflections on the Role of Faculty in Distance Learning
and Changing Pedagogies

Kay Hodson-Carlton, EdD, RN, FAAN
Professor and Director, Learning Resource Center
Ball State University, School of Nursing
Muncie, IN
Co-Investigators: Marilyn Ryan, EdD, RN; Nagia Ali, PhD, RN
Award Amount: $1,000

Predictors and Interventions for NCLEX®-RN Success in Baccalaureate Nursing Programs: A National Survey
Carolyn S. Crow, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, Capstone College of Nursing
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa, AL
Co-Investigators: Marilyn Handley, MSN, RN; Ruby Morrison, DSN, RN; M. Mitch Shelton, PhD, RN
Award Amount: $2,000

Evaluation of Epistemological and Ethical Maturity in Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Bronwynne C. Evans, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education
Washington State University College of Nursing
Spokane, WA
Award Amount: $2,000

Developing a Research Base for Nursing Education: Implementing and Evaluating Narrative Pedagogy in an Introductory Nursing Course Using a Multi-Method Approach
Pamela M. Ironside, PhD, RN
Associate Professor of Nursing
Clark College
Dubuque, IA
Award Amount: $2,000

Technology-based vs. Traditional: A Comparison of Two Instructional Methods to Teach the Skill of Performing a 12-lead ECG
Pamela R. Jeffries, DNS, RN
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Indiana University
Indianapolis, IN
Award Amount: $1,000

Clinical Outcomes Evaluation: Operationalization of the NONPF Guidelines
Grace Newsome, EdD, RN, CS, FNP
Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
North Georgia College and State University
Dahlonega, GA
Co-Investigator: Marina Slemmons, PhD, RN, CPNP
Award Amount: $2,000

The Teaching Style of Nursing Faculty as an Indicator for Creating Learning Environments that Contribute to Critical Thinking in Nursing Students
Karen Moore Schaefer, DNSc, RN
Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing
Temple University
Philadelphia , PA
Co-Investigator: Dolores M. Zygmont
Award Amount: $2,000


Use of the Human Patient Simulator to Enhance Clinical Decision-Making Skills of Associate Degree Nursing Students
Gloria Goldman, PhD, RN
Professor and Chair, Department of Nursing
Sinclair Community College
Dayton, OH
Co-Investigators: Wanda Jelus, MS, RN; Kathleen Mills, MS, RN
Award Amount: $7,100

Enhancing the Baccalaureate Maternal-Newborn and Pediatric Nursing Courses: A Pilot Study of Scenario Testing
Wendy M. Nehring, PhD, RN
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville School of Nursing
Edwardsville, IL
Co-Investigators: Laura Bernaix, PhD, RN; Cynthia Schmidt, PhD, RN; Wayne E. Ellis, PhD, RN, CRNA
Award Amount: $8,000

Brain-based Learning Principles Applied to the Teaching of Basic Cardiac Code to Associate Degree Nursing Students Using the Human Patient Simulator
Jean M. Wortock, MSN, APRN
Professor, Nursing Program
St. Petersburg Junior College
St. Petersburg, FL
Co-Investigators: Jodi Parks-Doyle, EdD, RN; Gail Burt, MSN, RN
Award Amount: $10,000