Research Participant Recruitment

The NLN recognizes that research in nursing education is fundamental to quality nursing education based on scientific inquiry. To help promote research in nursing education conducted by nursing education faculty and students, the NLN is excited to offer this recruitment opportunity to any NLN faculty or student member with an IRB-approved study. 

Any NLN members conducting research in nursing education to advance the science may be considered after completing the following request form.  Market research for commercial purposes will not be accepted.


Approval notifications may take up to four (4) weeks after submitting the form.  An approved request will be disseminated at no cost on a one-time basis as part of a weekly eblast from the NLN Communications Department sent to members who have opted to receive eblasts on their member profile. 

NOTE: The dissemination of requests for research volunteers by the NLN is not an endorsement of the research nor of the researcher(s).  Dissemination is an NLN member benefit intended to promote nursing education research that has already received approval of an Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

Questions about this member benefit may be directed to