Adolescent Substance Use Disorder



All health care providers need greater awareness of updated resources for use with adolescents experiencing problems with alcohol and other substance use disorders (SUD). Many family members, K-12 educators, and pediatric health care providers are aware of adolescents returning to problematic use, even after long-term SUD treatment. However, emerging research has a greater focus on the process of recovery, highlighting a better understanding of how to achieve positive outcomes.

This teaching strategy focuses on:

  • validated tools specifically designed for the assessment of adolescents
  • resources to help locate and analyze the quality of treatment programs
  • assessment of the adolescent throughout the process of recovery initiation/maintenance

Information on the use of updated recovery language is provided, as well as an overview of how to locate the most successful community-level resources (e.g., recovery high schools and alternative peer groups). It is critical for everyone involved with the mental health and well-being of adolescents to understand recovery-oriented systems of care.

Adolescent Substance Use Disorder

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