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Adapted by Schneidereith, T. from Tagliareni, E., Cline, D. D., Mengel, A., McLaughlin, B., & King, E. (2012). Quality care for older adults: Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACES) Project. Nursing Education Perspectives,33(3), 144-149. doi:10.5480/1536-5026-33.3.144


ACE.P Essential Nursing Actions

The Essential Nursing Actions provide a framework for nursing students and practicing nurses to translate their knowledge of communication techniques and provision of nursing care to health care of vulnerable children and families, individualized care, complexity of care, and vulnerability during transitions. Use of the materials that are part of ACE.P and essential nursing actions in clinical experiences, skills lab/simulation, and lecture develops students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the care of vulnerable children and their families.

ACE.P essential nursing actions