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The Importance of Oral-Systemic Health in Older Adults

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Getting Started

This teaching strategy incorporates the ACE.S Essential Nursing Actions: Assess Function and Expectations, Coordinate, and Manage Care, and Make Situational Decisions. A number of materials that can be used to provide a complete overview of the topic are available at no cost.

Smiles for Life at is a comprehensive curriculum that can be easily implemented in an academic setting.

Read the full text of the following article, which offers an educational and clinical innovation designed to promote interprofessional oral health workforce capacity:

Haber, J., Hartnett, E., Allen, K., Hallas, D., Dorsen, C., Lange-Kessler, J., Thomas, E., Wholihan, D. (2015). Putting the mouth back in the head: HEENT to HEENOT. American Journal of Public Health, 105(3), 437–41. Retrieved from

See also the NICHE archived webinarOral Health: Overview for Older Adults” at 


Public Health Learning Module 15, “Oral health Across the Lifespan” by the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research. (2014). Retrieved from


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