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Performing Oral Health Assessments on Aging Patients

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Getting Started 

This teaching strategy will incorporate the ACE.S Essential Nursing Actions: Assess Function and Expectations, Coordinate and Manage Care and Make Situational Decisions. The strategy utilizes the Smiles for Life curriculum from the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. Access the Smiles for Life Curriculum at

Have students read the following article, which offers an educational and clinical innovation designed to promote interprofessional oral health workforce capacity:

Haber, J., Hartnett, E., Allen, K., Hallas, D., Dorsen, C., Lange-Kessler, J., … Wholihan, D. (2015). Putting the mouth back in the head: HEENT to HEENOT. American Journal of Public Health, 105(3), 437–41. Retrieved from

Jablonski, R. A., Therrien, B., & Kolanowski, A. (2011). No More Fighting and Biting During Mouth Care: Applying the Theoretical Constructs of Threat Perception to Clinical Practice. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice25(3), 163–175.

Download the following from the American Dental Association. (2009): ADA Caries Risk Assessment Form (Age > 6). Retrieved from


For Oral Health Delivery Framework, see:

Hummel J., Phillips K. E., Holt B., & Hayes C. (2015). Oral Health: An essential component of primary care. Qualis Health. Retrieved from

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