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Managing Complexity: Using the Monologue of Doris Smith to Understand Situational Decision Making

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Additional Materials

This video can be used as an additional resource for faculty in teaching ethical decision making in the care of older adults. 

"Why is it so hard to die well in American hospitals and what can be done to change that?" Department of Medicine Division of Medical Humanities, NYU Langone Medical Center. By Arthur Caplan, PhD 

Dr. Caplan summarized the history of medical decision making over the past fifty years and its implications on contemporary practices. He noted the challenges of communication with patients and amongst the medical community, the influence of the media on medical decision-making and the acceptable definitions of what constitutes informed consent. He suggested pathways for improvement including a more active role for the physician in setting expectations early, communicating clearly and effectively with the patient and surrogates as early as possible and being unified in decision-making across systems in the health-care community.