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Utilizing Resources to Support Independence and Quality of Life Issues in Older Adults


Utilizing Resources to Support Independence and Quality of Life Issues in Older Adults

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Overview of Teaching Strategy 

Feeling productive, relevant and independent are significant to the quality of life of most people.  These qualities often become diminished with older adults as they are faced with maintaining dignity in the face of functional challenges.  This teaching strategy focuses on working collaboratively with an older adult who has both physical and psychosocial challenges to find resources to maintain independence and strategize to optimize his quality of life. The student explores resources that may be helpful to the older adult, and develops a plan of care for this client based on the prioritized needs. 

Learning Objectives
Students will: 

  • Explore resources to address physiological and psychosocial challenges of older adults
  • Describe a collaborative approach in planning patient care
  • Demonstrate an awareness of resources to support quality of life issues in older adults
  • Develop an increased understanding of the financial ramifications of caregiving
  • Discuss the difference between grief and loneliness 

ACE.S Knowledge Domains 

  • Individualized Aging
  • Complexity of Care
  • Vulnerability During Transitions 

ACE.S Essential Nursing Actions 

  • Assess Function and Expectation
  • Coordinate and Manage Care
  • Make Situational Decisions 

NLN Competencies for Graduates of Nursing Programs 

  • Human Flourishing
  • Nursing Judgment

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