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Utilizing Resources to Support Independence and Quality of Life Issues in Older Adults

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Getting Started 

1. Listen or read Red’s monologue. As you listen to Red talk, think about what measures could be taken to support his independence and to also maintain a balance between safety and quality of life.  Think about specific comments that Red mentioned that would be concerning:

    • The possibility of depression
    • The possibility of elder abuse
    • The possibility of alcohol use
    • Misunderstanding regarding his diabetes
    • Loneliness 

2. Explore the resources available on the American Association of Retired People (AARP) Caregiver Resource CenterAs you explore resources, identify those that would help to maximize Red’s independence while also considering his limited finances. He is a veteran and may be eligible for additional resources based on this designation. Look at how AARP connects with these veteran resources.

3. Now develop a plan of care for Red using the resources and considering the issues he talked about in his monologue. Explore tools that will aide in a standardized assessment of specific concerns such as depression and elder abuse. What are your concerns for Red? Prioritize your concerns for Red and prioritize the resources that Red would most likely use and could afford. Think about how you would use a collaborative approach with Red and his family to coordinate and manage care and maximize functioning while maintaining his independence.  

4. Read the blog on family caregivers and financial loss, Family Caregiving Worth $470 Billion a Year, AARP Finds.

  • What are the benefits of having a family member as a caregiver?
  • Are there any negative aspects to having a family member as a caregiver?
  • How do you anticipate family caregiving changing in the future?
  • As a nurse how would you assess the needs of a family caregiver and how might you direct them for help?

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