How to Use an Unfolding Case

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ACE unfolding cases were written so that they can be modified to meet the needs of diverse curricula. Since preparation is key to a successful simulation experience, faculty should plan to read through each unfolding case before using it.

These cases were designed so that students can use the ACE Knowledge Domains and Essential Nursing Actions as a framework for thinking about the care and planning of their nursing interventions. Students should be introduced to these concepts before implementing the cases. They will be more successful in the simulation scenarios if they review the introductory monologues and the recommended resources and tools prior to the simulation.

We have included best practices but realize that treatments vary by region. Faculty may wish to include medications, treatments, and standards of care that are current practice in their own geographic areas.

No intentional errors were included in these cases, such as incorrect treatments or medication doses. However, in the Alzheimer's cases, the patient may have multiple providers and medication orders. An objective for some of the simulations is to use the Beers criteria to identify potentially inappropriate medications or combinations of medications for older adults. Faculty may wish to increase or decrease the complexity of the scenario depending on the level of students participating. Faculty may also wish to modify scenarios to provide an interprofessional educational experience for students. When redesigning for this purpose, we urge you to include the other health care professional(s) in the process to insure that the simulation accurately reflects their scope of practice.