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The Hearst Foundations Excellence in Geriatric Education Awards - Procedures

One of the goals of the National League for Nursing is to lead in setting standards that advance excellence and innovation in nursing education. Toward this end, the Board of Governors, NLN members, and staff have collaborated to develop a number of initiatives that relate to excellence and innovation. Among the material you will find on the NLN's website related to excellence and innovation in nursing education are:

There is no application fee for this award.
Applications are due May 29, 2015, 5:00 pm ET.
A complete application includes:

  1. Narrative
    1. Executive summary (one paragraph)
    2. Introduction including description of nursing program and parent institution (two paragraphs)
    3. Description of how the nursing program used resources from the NLN's ACES website, workshops, and webinars to provide students with exceptional geriatric education. Include a summary of how the innovative approaches and/or resources were developed, implemented, and evaluated. Evaluation should focus on outcomes related to how students used ACES Essential Knowledge Domains and/or Essential Nursing Actions in an innovative manner and include quotes from students describing how the innovative approach(es) to teaching geriatrics using ACES and/or the related resources benefitted them . (4 pages maximum)
  2. Supporting documents (10 pages total). Documents may include excerpts from student journals or stories that students wrote, handouts, a short video, or other materials (media clips should not exceed 5 minutes). Please note: entire document must be paginated.
  3. Application submission