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Coaching for Excellence in Nursing: 
A Guide for Educators

A component of the NLN Laerdal Accelerating to Practice (A2P) program

Using online modules, the NLN Laerdal coaching course helps nurse educators and preceptors understand the challenges faced by nursing students and novice nurses and how they can help with the transition to practice. 

Coaching for Excellence in Nursing:  A Guide for Educators Includes peer review and expert feedback and covers:

  • Adult learning theory and how to apply theory to practice
  • How to use Socratic dialogue to promote reflective learning
  • How to foster a safe and effective learning environment
  • How to debrief after critical situations are resolved

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At the end of these online lessons, the educator/preceptor/manager will be able to:

  • Utilize the Guide for Teaching Thinking to promote reflective learning and understand how to uncover the novice nurse frame of reference.
  • Apply strategies provided to give effective feedback to the novice nurse in clinical and non-clinical settings through the practice online environment.
  • Understand adult learning theories and adult learner styles and how these may impact learning plans.
  • Appreciate the unique attributes of novice nurses and how that shapes their learning and development.
  • For more information on the NLN coaching course, please contact Molly Kellgren.

    For more information on the Accelerating to Practice™ (A2P), please click here .

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