Instructions on using the toolkit for other than personal reading

The tool kit is available in a Word version to allow you to modify for a particular situation. To request copyright permission to duplicate, expand use for other than personal reading or modify the tool kit, complete the Request for Permission to Duplicate, Modify or for Expanded Use of the Diversity Tool Kit©. Send it via mail, fax, or email to National League for Nursing, 61 Broadway, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10006, 212-812-0391 (fax),

In most instances, requests for permission will be approved within two weeks of receipt. Use of the tool kit for nursing education research or for duplication by NLN member schools and NLN members usually are approved at no cost. Non-member schools, individuals and organizations or publishers wishing to reproduce the tool kit in books or electronic media will be charged a fee for copyright permission based on intended use. Each individual submitting a copyright request will receive a written response, including citation requirements and an invoice (when a copyright permission fee is required). The fee must be paid in full before the electronic version of the tool kit will be provided. If a request is denied, an explanation will be provided.