Getting Started

Here is a guide to help you identify some methods to develop a plan for faculty development in order to integrate informatics into the curriculum.

View the position statement Preparing The Next Generation Of Nurses To Practice In A Technology-Rich Environment: An Informatics Agenda.(PDF)

  • Identify a champion (PDF)
  • Determine a best approach in your school/department for implementing curricular change (examples: form a  task force, curriculum committee, faculty governance committee)
  • Conduct a needs analysis of faculty competencies in informatics, using standards developed by NLN. AACN and/or QSEN. Consider recommendations for hiring new faculty with informatics competencies.
  • Create a plan for existing faculty development and new faculty orientation. Include stakeholders (examples: curriculum committee, accreditation liaison, clinical partners, other institutional divisions) and administrators as appropriate.
  • Components of the plan should address 3 areas and include an evaluation component and plan for continuous professional development in informatics:
    • Computer literacy – (definition) Consider resources in IT department
    • Information literacy – Involve librarian
    • Informatics – Are there resources on campus in other departments,in your clinical agencies
  • Following faculty development, charge the curriculum or other appropriate committee to develop a strategic plan that includes program outcomes and integrates informatics throughout the curriculum.