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The Impact of Comorbidity of Depression and Anxiety on Outcomes of Illness

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  1.; the website of the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at New York University's College of Nursing contains many evidence-based assessment tools. Those listed below from the Try This® and How to Try This Series®  focus on tools that would help in assessing a client like Eugene.
    • Try This Issue 1 - SPICES- An Overall Assessment of Older Adults
    • Try This Issue 3 - Mental Status Assessment of Older Adults Mini Cog
    • Try This Issue 4 - Geriatric Depression Scale
    • Try This Issue 14 - The Modified Caregiver Strain Index
    • Try This Issue 17 - Alcohol Use and Screening Assessment 
  2. Download the draft of a sample concept map illustrating the concept of depression.  Please note that this is only a sample and not inclusive of all of the connections between depression and functioning.  It should be used only as a draft and not considered a complete concept map related to the Eugene Shaw case.

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