Enhance Bag-Valve-Mask Training with Recycled SimMan Head Skin

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  • Title

    Enhance Bag-Valve-Mask Training with Recycled SimMan Head Skin
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    Jaan Hwan Chong
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  • Identification of the Problem

    Bag-valve-mask (BVM) application requires a complete seal of both the manikin's mouth and nose. Significant force must be applied to achieve the seal and facilitate positive pressure ventilation (PPV) and chest rise with each push of the BVM. Manikins with facial hair reinforce BVM application and observation of chest movement with PPV.

  • Unique Idea

    Due to wear and tear, a manikin's airway occasionally becomes damaged. With this, the manikin head skin is often discarded. Instead, the manikin head skin can be recycled by adding sewed facial hair. This will raise the complexity of BVM application and reinforce the learning objective of the PPV.

  • Objectives

    • Complement SimMan BVM simulation training with recycled head skin with facial hair.
  • Supplies/Ingredients

    • SimMan head skin with interior features removed
    • Fake facial hair
    • Sewing kit
    • Thread to match fake facial hair
  • Steps to Creating the Solution

    • Recover SimMan head skin with intact exterior.
    • Remove head skin's inner structures, i.e. airway, fluid and pneumatic tubes.
    • Remove neck skin region to retain cricothyrotomy feature but keep the zip intact.
    • Align SimMan's head skin with fake facial hair and sew it accordingly.
    • Apply head skin with facial hair onto manikin.
    • Align overlay head skin with manikin facial features and zip it.
    • Ensure manikin's eyelids and oral and nasal passages remain operational.


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