Low-Cost Simulated Seizure Bedrail Pads

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  • Title

    Low-Cost Simulated Seizure Bedrail Pads
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    Leigh Snead
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  • Identification of the Problem

    Authentic Seizure Bedrail pads can be an expensive purchase for simulation centers and may not be the top priority when limited funds are available. However, the proper use of safety devices is essential in nursing education in order to provide a safe patient environment.
  • Unique Idea

    I created a low-cost, low-tech solution to address this issue, so students can have the safety equipment needed in simulation to provide high-quality, safe patient care.
  • Objectives

    Create a low-cost set of seizure bedrail pads for use in simulation as a means for participants to provide safe patient care and implement standard seizure precautions
  • Supplies/Ingredients

    1. scissors
    2. Sewing kit or sewing machine
    3. 1 Kindergarten Napping mat per set of bedrail pads as desired (use the ones with 4 segmented sections)
    4. 1 spool 1– inch ribbon or fabric cording (to simulate ties)
  • Steps to Creating the Solution

    1. Cut the pads down the middle seam to create 2 separate pads with 2 segments each (see photo #1)
    2. Cut ribbon to desired length to fit around bedrails (double this length and fold in half)
    3. Sew the folded end of the ribbon to one of the four outer corners by hand or with sewing machine
    4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the other 3 outer corners of the pad
    5. Apply to bedrails and use ties to secure pads into place


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