Multiple Use Skin for Cricothyroidotomy

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    Multiple Use Skin for Cricothyroidotomy
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    Chassity Mays
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  • Identification of the Problem

    Cricothyroidotomy, is an important emergency procedure that is used to obtain an airway when other, more routine methods are ineffective or contraindicated. Establishing an effective airway in the face of medical emergencies is a skill that healthcare providers must master to prevent patient morbidity or mortality. By creating our own neck skins it allows for multiple use and also allows the facilitator to simple alternate the skin as opposed to having to change out parts on a model. This allows for rapid succession which anecdotal research has shown to improve learner outcomes. In addition buying multiple neck skins can be costly. Therefore, we developed a low cost replaceable neck skin that can be used multiple times.
  • Unique Idea

    We developed a low cost replaceable neck skin that can be used multiple times.The designed skin has adds a realistic and hepatic feature as the learner performs the incision on a cricothyroidotomy.
  • Objectives

    To have simulation staff understand the need and importance of developing their own simulated neck skins on a budget.
  • Supplies/Ingredients

    1. Task Trainer or Mannequin that has a cricoid membrane (we created one using Resuscitation Annie)
    2. Shammy Cloth- made of a blend of polypropylene and rayon
    3. clear candle wax
    4. 2 electric burners. 1 with a low heat setting
    5. Pot to melt wax in
    6. Flat baking sheet
    7. Large spoon
    8. Glass measuring cup
    9. scissors
  • Steps to Creating the Solution

    1. First you need a task trainer or mannequin with a Cricoid Membrane. One can create a low budget task trainer with a cricoid membrane using Resuscitation Annie, PVC pipe, and vacuum tubing.
    2. Plug the burner and turn it on low-medium setting. Place desired amount of candle wax (depends on the amount of skin you need to make) in the pot so it can begin to melt.
    3. Place shammy cloth onto baking sheet and make it as flat and smooth as possible.
    4. Stir the candle wax as needed until it is liquid.
    5. Once the wax is completely melted, pour solution into glass measuring cup, and leave for 1-2 minutes. This helps the wax to cool in order to prevent it from burning the shammy cloth.
    6. Evenly pour the melted wax onto the shammy cloth that is flat on the baking sheet.
    7. Allow to cool completely until the wax is has returned to it's semisolid, jelly like state.
    8. Cut into desired size strips according to the size of the neck of your task trainer or mannequin that will be utilized.
    9. After each incision rotate "neck skin" to allow for multiple use.