Simulated Food

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  • Title

    Simulated Food
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    Patricia Davis
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  • Identification of the Problem

    Using purchased food items for simulation can spoil. Purchasing simulated food items can be costly and limits the options of available foods.
  • Unique Idea

    In order to provide students with the opportunity to identify food allergies in a formative simulation activity, two plates are prepared: one with eggs and one without eggs. Students are provided with the breakfast tray including eggs and a meal card identifying the patient's allergy. If the student identifies the allergy, the alternative plate is provided. If the allergy is not identified the patient provides prompts and this becomes a point for debriefing.
  • Supplies/Ingredients

    1. Pictures of desired food
    2. White glue
    3. Paper plates
  • Steps to Creating the Solution

    1. Select food items
    2. Complete Google image search
    3. Print selected food items
    4. Cut pictures and glue to paper plate