Telemedicine/eICU Cart

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    Telemedicine/eICU Cart
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    Alaina Herrington
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  • Identification of the Problem

    The federal government is asking hospitals and clinics to improve connected health services. This will be an emerging simulation education challenge to keep up with the most current best practice. We have created a way to run simulated telemedicine scenarios utilizing our telemedicine cart.
  • Unique Idea

    The telemedicine cart is very realistic to what students will be seeing in daily practice. The simulated provider actor allows the student to be emerged and engaged in the scenario. A provider is in a seperate room and patient is in a clinic or med/surg room. The provider provides care through the video on the computer. In addition to office visits, the telemedicine cart can also be used for electronic ICU simulations. The eICU nurse can be in another room and be available for the "in" room participants to verify medication, blood product administrations, and etc.
  • Supplies/Ingredients

    1. laptop computer with webcam
    2. rolling cart
    3. video conferencing program
    4. office computer with webcam
  • Steps to Creating the Solution

    1. Download video conferencing application.
    2. Create log in for both computers.
    3. Verify sound and video work.
    4. Write your telemedicine scenario.


  • Telemedicine 1
  • Telemedicine 2
  • Telemedicine 3