Volume 4, Issue 1 - March 2011
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Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your marvelous feedback on our
Customer Update. We have received numerous ideas for upcoming issues, as well as a range of inspiring stories of success and personal triumph.

When I wrote about my experience at the 2010 NLN Education Summit, I mentioned that I had been overwhelmed by attendees' incredible resilience, commitment, perseverance, and excellence. Within the past decade, nursing has faced no shortage of challenges: fewer people are interested in nursing as a career path, fewer students are enrolled in schools of nursing, and fewer nurses are employed by hospitals. In addition, studies conducted by Rutgers University in 2003 identified more than 9,000 nurses who reported having some type of disability, and found that this group was underrepresented in the workforce — despite their desire to continue working.

Janet A. Levey, MSN, RN-BC, CNE, associate professor at Herzing University in Brookfield, WI, is living proof that commitment to quality and excellence stops for nothing. She was a true inspiration at the Summit as she moved through the week accompanied by her service dog, Aussie. I hope you enjoy her story as much as we did.

Angel Feliciano
Senior Director, Testing Services

Spotlight on Nursing Success: Janet A. Levey Says
"No" to Limitations
NLN staff and researchers often hear impressive stories of educational and professional triumphs by our fellow members of the nursing community. But Janet Levey made a particularly indelible impression because of the unique challenges she has faced and the remarkable things she has gone on to achieve. Her story is also a poignant reminder of why it is crucial to provide adequate support in standardized testing for students with disabilities.

Janet was diagnosed with idiopathic progressive hearing loss of unknown etiology in 1993. As she progressed in her career as a clinical nurse, so did her hearing loss; however, she did not let this stop her from pursuing her next goal to become a nurse educator. "The most difficult obstacles to overcome was rebuilding my communication and extinguishing misconceptions about the deaf," she notes.

Thanks to support from the Department of Workforce Development and the Lions Club, Janet was able to access resources that helped her to have a full life and a busy career. She relies on a variety of equipment and accommodations — such as closed-caption telephone equipment, hearing aids, and a loop system — to assist her with hearing and communication needs in her home, office, and classroom. A crucial component of the support she receives is her service dog, Aussie, who, she notes, "is accepted in the community and school health clinical environment."

Janet, however, is the first to point out that her hearing loss is far from a disability — in fact, she says she is better able to accommodate the broad spectrum of student needs and learning styles she encounters in the classroom. "I use different teaching approaches and styles to meet the needs of all of my students, no matter what their ability or challenge is in life. If I see a limitation or a barrier, I strategize on how to work through it."

There are many other talented, capable members of the nursing community who have overcome personal, academic, and professional barriers to succeed. Along with Janet they underscore the importance of the NLN's efforts to accommodate differently-abled students in all that we do. Our test administration and development work is subject to frequent internal audits of administrative, content, and sensitivity practices to ensure that we meet the requirements for inclusiveness, legal protections, and appropriate accommodation set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). And, with the incredible value added to the field of nursing by people like Janet Levey, it's clear that organizations and individuals — not to mention the health of the nation — stand to benefit greatly from such efforts.

Get Ready for NLN Education Summit 2011!
This year's Education Summit will take place September 21 through 24 at the Marriott World Center in Orlando. Register early and reserve your room(s) to ensure the best availability and rates. Activities and events offered by Testing Services will include:
  • Item Writing Workshop for nurse educators
  • Live Review Facilitator training: "NLN Live Review - Today and the Future"
  • NLN Testing Services' "Evening Under the Stars" Reception
Click here to read more about the Summit. Registration begins mid-March. Watch your mail and email for your registration brochure. More information on NLN Testing Services events at the Summit will appear in an upcoming Customer Update.

Reminder: It's Not Too Late for Students to
Experience the NLN CAT Environment
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Are your seniors ...
  • familiar with the NCLEX® test format?
  • psychologically prepared?
  • truly ready to succeed on test day?
The NLN CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) is a one-of-a-kind product that recreates the NCLEX testing environment and provides valuable NCLEX test preparation. We have extended our offer for students to use the CAT free of charge through spring 2011.

To learn more about the NLN CAT and how it can help you achieve program and student goals, schedule a private presentation for your school. Call 800-732-8NLN or email customerhelp@nln.org today.

Jobs in Nursing Education and Test Development
The NLN is growing! Testing Services is now hiring for the following part-time, full-time, and contract positions.
  • Item Writers
  • Clinical Content Experts
  • Live Review Facilitators
  • Sales Manager, Testing
  • Test Development Manager and Analyst
If you believe you are qualified for one of these positions or would like to know more, please visit NLN Careers or email Michelle Harrison at hr@nln.org.

NLN Clinical Content Experts Publish Article in
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy
NLN Testing Services is proud to report that Joanne Lavin, EdD, professor and director of nursing programs at York College, and Maria Sim, EdD, associate professor and director of the RN-BSN Program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, have co-written an article entitled "Managing Sickle Cell Disease" in the journal, Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. Drs. Lavin and Sim are also the NLN's test consultants, who use their many years of clinical and classroom expertise to assist us in creating high-quality testing and assessment tools used by nursing programs nationwide. Please join us in congratulating them on their recent publication. We appreciate all that they do at the NLN and in the nursing community at large.

Celebrating 70 Years of Testing Excellence

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