Welcome to the NYLN Website

Personal passion and commitment to nursing and nursing education have evolved into the creation of the NYLN. The NYLN is envisioned to enhance the voice of nursing education in New York State on the NLN constituency level. Congruent with, and focused on fostering the mission and goals of the National League for Nursing, the NYLN mission is succinct:

"to promote excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the nation's health at the NYS constituent level".

(NYLN Mission)

It is hoped that throughout the year, and in years to come that you will revisit this website often, using it as a vehicle and resource to communicate, share, learn, and develop educational action plans with NLN colleagues; and broaden your endeavors in nursing scholarship, research, and political action toward the goal of quality nursing educational outcomes and personal professional growth. Your colleagues within the NYLN hope to be an important part of your professional future, and you of ours.

Again, Welcome...

Karin Pantel MSN RN CNE
New York League for Nursing